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Affiliate Agreement

1. Preamble

1.1 The present terms apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Use existing between ReadyPicture and the members (authors and customers).

1.2 Aim of the programme is to recommend Ready Picture services and thus to increase the community of members.

1.3 Affiliates may recommend the website to potential members. For each successful referral (as defined below), affiliates receive an affiliate remuneration (referred to as "remuneration").

1.4 When using the advertising material provided, the member agrees to the terms and conditions with respect to the affiliate programme (banner, link, etc.).
2. Basis of recommendation

A "successful referral" is one which meets the following criteria:

2.1 The new member has accessed the website by clicking a link (banner, text link, search window, etc.) which it received from the affiliate through the user surface of the affiliate programme and which is not the result of a spam mail prepared by the affiliate or of any other act which would discredit the programme or Ready Picture.

2.2 The new member must have admitted cookies in his browser settings (retracement) when clicking the link to the ReadyPicture website provided by the affiliate and when accessing the website, upon registering and when placing orders for images. This also applies if the order is placed several days after registration. The order must be placed online from the computer of the new member.

2.3 The new member is not a member of ReadyPicture now nor was a member in the past and has registered successfully withReadyPicture.

2.4 A successful transaction (purchase of contents or sale of contents) has taken place on the basis of the new membership for which ReadyPicture has received payment which was not cancelled.
3. Remuneration

3.1 The remuneration is explained on the respective affiliate programme page and may be altered at any time.

3.2 The remuneration will be registered in the system after payment by the customer and the affilliate will be notified in his personal section on the following day.

3.3 ReadyPicture reserves the right to reject registrations or orders at its own discretion without informing the member.
4. General Provisions

4.1 Any alterations of the affiliate programme are at the sole discretion of ReadyPicture. Under no circumstances is RedayPicture obligated to make information or updates about new customers available to members, except for the confirmation of the affiliate.

4.2 The affiliate further agrees not to use the affiliate media provided by RedayPicture (banner, texts, search windows, etc.) in a manner which could damage, close down, overburden or adversely affect this website or any other website, and not to produce any spam mails or other undesired advertisement.

4.3 The affiliate undertakes not to use the affiliate media without the approval of the provider or to add it (for example to other forums and the like). ReadyPicture assumes no responsibility for the use of the affiliate media.

4.4 The affiliate undertakes not to use ReadyPicture trademarks or intellectual property and not to give any representations, warranties or other declarations with respect to ReadyPicture, this website or its products, its services or its company policy except in the manner expressly stipulated in the present Agreement.

4.5 The affiliate may not assert or give the impression that he is an employee of ReadyPicture or is entitled to contractually bind ReadyPicture in any other way.
5. Term and Notice of Termination

5.1 This Agreement is valid for the duration of participation in this affiliate programme or until termination of this programme by ReadyPicture, whichever is the earlier.

5.2 Both ReadyPicture and the member have the right to terminate participation in the affiliate programme at any time without observing a period of notice.

5.3 It is at the discretion of ReadyPicture to end the affiliate programme or parts thereof at any time by announcement on the website. After such announcement, the affiliate programme is deemed terminated as far as the affiliate is concerned.

5.4 The affiliate programme ends at the latest when notice of termination of the Terms and Conditions of Use is given to ReadyPicture.

5.5 Upon termination of the affiliate programme, the affiliate is obligated to remove all affiliate media used.